The Art of the Digital Age, Sharing Photos!

Welcome to the "Fun with Smartphones Project." Pull out your smartphone and share your photos!It's formal title is "Larry McNeil and the Art of the Digital Age. Through the use of a camera phone and social media sites like Facebook, art photographer Larry McNeil explores the art of everyday life as perceived by a contemporary indigenous person. Presenting hundreds of his own snapshots made around Washington, D.C., informed by his unique visual aesthetic, McNeil invites NMAI visitors—in person and virtually—to add their own commentary to his photographs and to upload their own snapshots to his Facebook page."

National Museum of the American Indian calendar website.

I'd like to make this fun and interactive, because the emphasis is having us collectively figuring out what "The art of everyday life" means to you. I'll be at the Smithsonian National Musuem of the American Indian on Saturday and Sunday October 25th & 26th if you want to show up and get feedback with your smartphone photos. We could play with different ways of making photos and just see what unfolds.

At various times I'll likely ask you to photograph something thematic and share it on the site(s). I think that this will be fun and maybe even thought provoking, but we'll see, because this will be a group effort.

On Facebook just look for "Larry McNeil" to participate. Here's what my page will look like:

Link to Larry's Facebook page:

On Instagram, look for "1_photographic" to participate. Here's what the page will look like:

Link to Larry's Instagram page:

When sharing photos on Instagram, please use the hashtag symbol #, followed by my username 1_photographic. It should look like this: #1_photographic.

If you find yourself in Washingtion DC, please take the time to stop by our exhibition at the Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian, and see the photography exhibition up titled, "Indelible: The Platinum Photographs of Larry McNeil and Will Wilson!"

Selfies are wildly popular on Facebook, so I decided to make one especially for this project. It's me at the National Museum of the American Indian in DC, and even cooler, made with a Nokia Smartphone. How cool is that?

Please join us by sharing photographs. Thank you, and get those photos uploaded! All user agreements are between you and the companies, not McNeil or the Smithsonian NMAI. All McNeil is doing is organizing a place to share photographs on existing social networking sites. No legal agreements or any agreements are made with anyone with this project and no liabilities may be extended to any party. The legalese language is made between you and the user agreements at the social networking sites.

Story and Photographs Copyright Larry McNeil, 2014, All Rights Reserved.

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